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The Truth Behind the Climate Pledges

Examples of media coverage: November 2019

The Guardian: Most countries’ climate plans ‘totally inadequate’ – experts

Reuters: Scientists urge stronger Paris Agreement pledges to curb climate change

Newsweek: ‘Too Little, Too Late’: Just 36 Countries Have Made Paris Agreement Pledges That Could Slow Climate Change

Euronews: Most countries’ climate targets ‘totally insufficient’ — study

National Geographic: Most countries aren’t hitting 2030 climate goals, and everyone will pay the price

El Pais (Spain): Solo el 20% de los países están en la senda para cumplir con el Acuerdo de París

Agence France Presse:Paris climate pledges ‘too little, too late’: report


The Economic Case for Climate Action in the United States

Examples of media coverage

Newsweek (October 17, 2018): Donald Trump Says He Has ‘Natural Instinct for Science’ While Challenging Climate Change Research

USA TodayEditorial (July 30, 2018): A hellish July validates climate change forecasts

Vox (July 29, 2018): Heat waves can be deadly for workers and will drain the US economy

Fortune (January 25, 2018): The Number of Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters in the U.S. Is Surging

The Washington Post (January 8, 2018):  Extreme hurricanes and wildfires made 2017 the most costly U.S. disaster year on record

Bloomberg News (September 27, 2017): Climate Shocks May Cost US $1 Billion a Day

Reuters (September 27, 2017): Weather extremes, fossil fuel pollution cost US $240 bln – study

National Geographic (September 27, 2017): Hidden Costs of Climate Change Running Hundreds of Billions a Year

Der Spiegel, Germany (September 27, 2017):USA: Klimawandel kostet US-Wirtschaft 360 Milliarden Dollar im Jahr

Science Update – American Association for the Advancement of Science, United States (October 3, 2017): Economics of Climate Change

Daily Mail, UK (September 27, 2017): Cost of climate disasters to reach half of US growth in a decade: report

Le Figaro, France (September 27, 2017): Un impact sur la croissance américaine

Cronista, Argentina (September 27, 2017): EE.UU. perdería u$s 360.000 millones anuales por cambio climático

The Truth About Climate Change

Examples of media coverage

Climate Justice Saskatoon (Canada): October, 2016: Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna

Truthdig (US):  October 8, 2016: Truthdigger of the Week: Sir Robert Watson and his colleagues at the Universal Ecological Fund.

Democracy Now! (US), October 6, 2016: Where is Climate Change in the Debates?

Klimaretter (Germany), October 6, 2016: 1,5 Grad “fast sicher” nicht zu schaffen

Climate Policy Observer (Italy), September 30, 2016: Paris pledges not enough, additional action needed to slow climate change: top scientists

Reuters (UK), September 29, 2016: Global warming to breach 2C limit by 2050 unless tougher action: study and October 3, 2016: Paris climate accord to go into force – but faces test of enforcement.

Associated Press (US), September 29, 2016: Scientists: World likely won’t avoid dangerous warming mark.

Agence France-Presse (France), September 29, 2016: Réchauffement: la hausse des températures s’emballe, préviennent des climatologues and Global warming set to pass 2°C threshold in 2050, report warns –also in French, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

The Washington Post (US), September 29, 2016: As Trump denies climate change, scientists fear we’re about to blow past the 2-degree red line, and October 4, 2016: The Paris climate agreement is entering into force. Now comes the hard part.

Le Monde (France) – Editorial, October 3, 2016: La bonne nouvelle de l’accord sur le climat.

The Independent (UK), September 29, 2016: Most people alive today set to witness dangerous global warming in their lifetime, scientists warn.

Le Figaro (France), September 30, 2016: Climat: l’accélération du réchauffement dépasse toutes les prévisions.

Voice of America (US), September 30, 2016: Report: Floods, Droughts, Storms Likely to Increase Sharply in Future.

The Boston Globe (US), September 29, 2016: Scientists say more work is needed to slow global warming.

Climate News Network (UK), 30 September, 2016: Climate warnings masked by propaganda.

Deutsche Welle (Germany), September 29, 2016: Planeta estará 2°C mais quente já em 2050, diz estudo.

La Nación (Argentina), September 30, 2016: Cambio climático: científicos reclaman “actuar ya” para evitar efectos más graves.

El País (Spain): September 29, 2016: Un panel de expertos defiende que el pacto climático de París es insuficiente.

O Globo (Brazil), September 30, 2016: Meta proposta em Acordo de Paris é insuficiente, dizem cientistas.

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