Acting on Climate Together

Acting on Climate Together

ACT is a platform to mobilize and encourage action through accessible information on climate change, based on science. 

Climate change is complex. Scientific information is usually not easy to understand.

ACT’s goal is to explain climate change in a simple way for everyone, everywhere, to understand and do something about it.


Each and every one of us can multiply and accelerate climate action.  

Your participation, experiences and contributions will be included in our next global report.

We are looking forward to engaging with you!

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Why is energy so important to understand climate change?
Carbon dioxide is the single most important human-emitted greenhouse gas.

Fossil fuel burning to generate energy is its main source. Other sources include cement production.

Deforestation and changes in land use (i.e.: for agricultural expansion) also contribute.


The main sources of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are listed in these graphics.






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